How To Play

Welcome to Sanctum! The HvZ team holds this week-long tag game across campus each quarter. All players begin as Humans and must run from or stun Zombies with balled socks or Nerf blasters to escape them. When a Zombie gets stunned, they are out of play for 30 seconds and must touch a door handle to come back into the game. The number of Zombies will drastically increase as the week goes by, so always stay on your feet! You can read the full set of rules here.

General Overview


Objective: do not become a Zombie.

Wears: An orange armband

Vulnerabilities: Getting tagged (and thus zombified) outside, unless they are touching a door that can be opened.

Defense: Use socks and/or Nerf blasters with foam darts to stun zombies and escape. Or running.


Objective: eat brainz (nom)

8 brainz eaten will upgrade Zombie to SUPER ZOMBIE!

Wears: orange headband

Vulnerabilities: Getting stunned by foam dart from Nerf blaster/socks from Human.

Stunned Zombie, identified by having hands on head, is out of play for 30 seconds and cannot interact with the game , then touches any door handle to respawn into play

Defense: tag any human outside/not holding onto a door. or running


When: Wednesdays and Fridays of game week

What: Missions bring together all available Humans and Zombies to accomplish the mission or deter the other team from doing so. Rewards are given depending on the mission outcome.

More Info: Mission details will typically be announced via email and Facebook the night before.


The game is run by a team of dedicated officers, who can be found on the Officers page. Officers organize and lead games and missions as well as oversee the game to ensure gameplay is safe and non-disruptive.

We also maintain contact with UWPD to update them on when games are.


​We have very important safety rules that we require all players to follow, especially in light of recent acts of violence on college campuses. Breaking these rules will result in a temporary or permanent ban from the game.

Do not paint or mod blasters to look and/or feel like a real gun.

Especially in today's gun culture, we don't want any misunderstandings when it comes to our blasters.

Do not break traffic rules, or play inside or in the street, parking lots, and construction zones.​

This game is not worth getting hit by a car. If you are pursuing a player or are yourself being pursued, take great caution while crossing the street, pausing game play if necessary. Use your best judgment, and ALWAYS use crosswalks. Be smart and be safe.

Always defer to UWPD, UW Officals, or any other person of authority.

We are allowed to continue playing on campus because of our amazing safety record and relationship with the University. University and/or Police orders always supersede any game rules.

No game play at bus stops or the Link Light Rail station.

These are areas of high traffic and could cause injury to other people who are not participating in the game. Avoid playing in these areas.