What blasters can I use?

You can use blasters that use foam darts. Blasters should not be modded to closely resemble or hurt like a real gun. For example, blasters painted black or blasters that shoot at high speeds are not allowed. A good rule of thumb: if you are not willing to shoot yourself point blank with the blaster, then it is best to not use said blaster.

What measures are overseers and officers taking to ensure HvZ stays safe?

We are being mindful of today's gun culture by encouraging saying "blasters", "darts", and "blast" instead of "guns", "bullets", and "shoot". We are also in correspondence with UW Police to make sure they know when events are. Rule breakers are dealt with very seriously, though we haven't had any blaster-related incidences in the last few years.

What measures are overseers and officers taking to make sure HvZ complies with COVID-19 safety guidelines?

In order to ensure social distancing, mask wearing, and sanitation, gameplay will only take place during supervised missions at set locations and times. Furthermore, to avoid physical contact, zombies will borrow pool noodles to tag humans with. We WILL be providing masks, hand sanitizer, and pool noodles at the missions.

I am not a UW student, can I still play?

Everyone that is apart of the UW community is welcome — including staff, faculty, and students. If you are not in any of these categories you can contact the overseers to explain your situation. Players are approved on a case by case basis.

What is happening on the first day?

On Monday, the first day of Sanctum, every player will start out as Human except there will be an unspecified number of OZs (Original Zombies) roaming campus, so be careful!*

*As of Fall 2021 there will be a mission instead

What are 'original zombies (OZs)' and 'super zombies'?

Original Zombies are zombies disguised as Humans only on the first day, so be sure to watch your back. After the first day, OZs turn into regular zombies. Super Zombies are zombies with unique abilities (to be announced when the game is in session) and will be wearing a green bandana. Generally, to become a super zombie, a regular zombie will need to tag 8 Humans and take their Human cards to an Overseer to get their bandana.